Your Team in Care

The Genesis Gem is a new kind of cellphone that gives
your loved ones a 24/7 support system. Learn More

Give Them Independence.

The Gem fits in the palm of your hand. Get emergency support
at home or out and about on the streets.

Take care of them.
Take care of you.

Genesis Gem lets you be there, without being there.
Get your life back. And you don't have to feel guilty about it.

Your Care Never Quits.

With the Genesis Gem, kids know they can call you or connect to professional help, whenever they need it.
  • The Gem

  • For Seniors

  • For Caregivers

  • For Kids

You're Always There. So Are We.

Whether it's your child on his way to school, or your mom on the way to the store, you want to be at their side.

Now you can be. The Genesis Gem is a cost-effective, simple-to-use communication device to stay connected and help you give the best care.

Genesis Works

Around the Clock

T-Mobile Cell Phone

Nationwide Calling

No need to pay for other cell phones. Make calls to your favorite people at the lowest rates.

GPS Location

Be Found

It's a tie to exact whereabouts. Find your loved ones with GPS and get peace of mind.

Emergency Center

Emergency Center

Our 5-Diamond call center is there when you can't be. Get help at the push of a button, 24/7.

Auto Reminders

Auto Reminders

They won't forget their medications again. Set auto-reminders for medications to soccer practice.

Emergency Center

"I'm Okay" Check-ins

The Gem has a quick has a check-in feature. Get notified that they are "Okay", wherever they are.

Auto Reminders

Wandering Alerts

Automatically get alerted if they have wandered away or when they arrive safely as planned.

Live More! We've Got
Your Back.

The Genesis Gem has inspiring good looks and can be worn as a necklace, or on a belt clip. Each unit is finely-crafted and engineered in the U.S.A.

Take some time for yourself today, your family has 24/7 support. Be free to enjoy your life to the fullest!

Strengthen family ties with just a little push. Make crystal clear phone calls delivered on the Sprint Nationwide Network at the lowest rates.

Whether it's big surprises, special moments or day-to-day news, the Gem is an easy way to keep your family connected.

Life Is Better When
It's Shared

It's Your Life

Your caregiving world is complicated enough. Simplify your day with built-in reminders. The Gem remembers for you.

And here's something else to worry less about: the cost. You get 24/7 support, a cellphone and reminder system all in one device. At a fraction of the cost.


The Genesis Gem is a small, simple cell phone that you give to your loved ones. It has special features that help caregivers save time, reduce stress, and better connect the family.).

First, the Genesis Gem has only two buttons. One button selects who to dial. The main button calls that person. It's that simple. You can hold down the main button to call our 24/7 emergency center.

Second, the Genesis Gem has GPS tracking. You and the emergency center can find out where your loved one is. It will also alert you if your loved one wanders or arrives somewhere safely.

Finally, it even has a reminder system, so they never forget important things, like taking their medications. You can require them to call back after a reminder to make sure they've done something, or that they're okay.

You give the Genesis Gem to your loved ones. They carry it with them to give them a layer of security, and you peace of mind. Seniors often feel less alone carrying one. Children can be in touch, without parents hovering.

We designed the Genesis Gem to be simple. The GPS services and reminders are automatic. So your loved one doesn't have to do anything for them to be active. And they just hold down the main button to reach our 24/7 emergency center.

Calling people is done with speed dial. They just push a button until the name of the person appears, and press the main button to call them. You set these numbers using our website or smartphone app: no need for cables. You can also check their location; set alerts for arrival and wandering; and create reminders and check-ins there as well.

The Genesis Gem is small and light enough to be tucked underneath clothing as a necklace, worn on a belt clip, or connected to a key ring. It comes with either a standard lanyard or a faux pearl necklace. That way it looks more like jewelry. A belt clip and connector ring are also included.

With the Genesis Gem, your loved ones no longer need a traditional cell phone or landline. It also replaces personal emergency response systems (PERS) and panic buttons since it can call our 24/7 emergency center with one-button.

They don't need a bulky, expensive or complicated smartphone. The Genesis Gem has GPS tracking, so they don't need smartphones to run tracking apps or get reminders.

You can also replace medication reminder systems. You can even replace "I'm okay" buttons that require your loved one to call at a certain time. The Genesis Gem does all of that in one simple device.

Yes. In fact the Genesis Gem is better. Not only does it have one-button emergency calling, but it works anywhere. Traditional medical alert devices only work next to a base station.

The Genesis Gem has a cell phone and GPS. That way, your loved one can talk to the call center and be found in an emergency. There are other alarm devices that use cellular technology, but they can't make phone calls to your or others in your circle.

Our 24/7 emergency center is 100% American.

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